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Retail Design

Create a physical space for a brand without a brick-and-mortar presence.

Cliff Notes

THE PLOT: Design a profitable brand experience that embodies the Sun Bum lifestyle by encouraging guests to work less and live more. 

THE CONFLICT: Few Americans are living the Sun Bum lifestyle. They are feeling overworked and burned out.

THE RESOLUTION: A branded hospitality excursion that encourages balance and restoration by helping guests achieve afterglow -- a cognitive state proven to combat burnout.


Sun Bum is a sun protection brand that sells skincare products, hair care products, and lip balms. Sun Bum believes that breaks are not a waste of time, but necessary for creating a happy life. At Sun Bum's core, they are a lifestyle brand that encourages their consumers to live a life that matters.


Many of Sun Bum's core consumers are not embracing the "work less, live more" mentality that the brand believes in. In fact, they are working more than ever. So much, that America was dubbed the "No Vacation Nation" and 90% of millennial workers reported feeling overworked and burned out.

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Surfers embody the Sun Bum lifestyle, though not intentionally.

Surfing creates a cognitive state known as afterglow, which makes people feel lighter, radiant, and restored. This state has been proven to combat burnout.


Encourage the Sun Bum lifestyle by creating a vacation that alleviates stress and combats burnout by providing a restorative experience that helps guests achieve afterglow.

The Space


The Intiatives


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Whoop Leaders take a burden off of guests by making reservations, organizing activities, and doing the mundane things that they do not need to worry about during their stay.

The Bum Mobile takes an additional worry off of guests: transportation. Whether air port pick up/drop off or a ride to town, it's always down to go for a cruise. 

Sun Bum and Shaka Villa are proud advocates for proper skincare. Automated sunscreen machines along the beach ensure guests have access to sun care products at all times.

Whoop Leaders

Angel Song (Brand Manager)

Bianca Naidoo (Brand Manager)

Kimberly Heard (Brand Manager) 

My Role

Brand audit

Social listening

Secondary Research 

Strategic development 

Mock ups 

Deck flow + presentation 

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