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Every story has a protagonist. Every good story has a character arc. 


Hates small talk. I want to know what traits you got from your mom and how you spend rainy days. 

Help me understand what motivates you, shuts you down, and makes you feel seen. 


Loves to travel. Memories are my favorite thing to collect, and I’m always down for a new adventure. 

Tell me about your favorite place in the world and why it makes you feel alive.  


Logophile. I am a lover of words and believe in the power they hold when wielded well. 

Show me something that has sparked a moment of joy, made you walk in someone else’s shoes, or has moved you to tears.


Fascinated by pop culture. Specifically, in its ability to show us not only who we are, but all that we could be. 

Share what characters you relate to and which land-of-make-believe feels most like home. 

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But the character arc is not a result of the protagonist.

The character arc is the result of the people that shape them throughout the story. 

Here are some of the people that have shaped me.

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